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Published Aug 06, 22
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Get it by Fri, Aug 13 - Tue, Aug 17 from Lawrenceville, Georgia, New remote - was sent by Osaki to fix an issue but the issue ended up not in the remote.

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The zero gravity Osaki OS-Pro Maestro offers a symphony of features, representing a leap forward in massage chair technology Osaki, a trusted name in massage chairs, keeps improving its technology to deliver more value. We had the absolute pleasure of testing the Osaki OS-Pro Maestro, and were in awe of many of the advancements, from a Bluetooth sound system that is second to none to a leg and calf massage with heat and kneading rollers to soothe achy muscles.

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Osaki OS-Pro Maestro Review Pros 4D rollers that deliver the most comfortable, humanlike massage available today With advanced Japanese roller technology two years in the making, the Osaki OSi, Pro Maestro delivers the most human-feeling massage on the market today. The quad rollers provide a beautifully intense, precise massage that targets problem areas on your neck, back, and shoulders with ease.

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These settings automatically change based on the program you select, but you can also adjust them manually through the intuitive LED touchscreen controller or via an easy-to-access button on the inside of the chair’s arm. Heated rollers add comfort, loosen tight muscles, and aid digestion More massage chairs today are adding heating pads around the lower back.

Like massage stone therapy, the rollers help loosen muscles with targeted heat. Hybrid SL-track covers 50% more area than other massage chairs With a 53-inch, extra-long L-track, the Osaki Maestro is a true full-body massage chair, delivering a humanlike roller massage from the back of your neck down to your upper hamstring muscles.

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Double body scan technology for a more accurate massage experience Like most of today’s high-end massage chairs, the OS-Pro Maestro uses body scan technology to detect pressure points in your neck and back for a customized massage. The Maestro scans the body twice for accuracy and also enables manual adjustments once the massage has begun.

The hip airbags place pressure on the outside of the hip and enable the twisting program to do its job and loosen tight muscles for pain relief or to enhance pre-workout flexibility. The shoulder airbags do the same for the upper body. Unlike many massage chairs, the Osaki Maestro has segmented airbags for the hands and arms, delivering a delightfully invigorating massage to the forearms and palms.

The enclosed Ottoman scans your legs and feet and automatically adjusts to the correct height. The airbags deliver interior air pressure to stretch and loosen calves, while the components oscillate to rub your calves for an invigorating experience. The enclosed ottoman places pressure on the arch of your foot while the rollers deliver a comfortable shiatsu massage.

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More pre-programmed selections allow you to target problem areas with one touch for a more efficient massage With eight automatic full-body massage programs, the Osaki OS-Pro Maestro has a choice for everyone, including massages designed specifically for male or female bodies. But the selections go even deeper. Aside from these eight massages, you can choose pre-programs that target your whole body, your neck and shoulders and upper back, or your lower back and glutes.

You don’t have to create your own massage if you want to target just one area of your body. Best of all, you can choose these selections via the intuitive touchscreen LCD remote or through conveniently located buttons on the arm, which allow you to control power, pause the massage, select from two zero gravity settings, make adjustments to the 4D rollers, and choose an automatic program.

The Osaki Maestro offers two zero gravity settings inspired by NASA technology. You can feel extreme weightlessness and a more powerful massage, or enjoy the benefits of zero gravity while still being able to watch TV or hold a conversation. State-of-the-art Bluetooth speakers help create an immersive experience You’d expect a massage chair with the name “Maestro” to have a superior sound system, and the Amphitheater Bluetooth speakers do not disappoint.

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Immerse yourself in your favourite meditation soundscapes, music, or audiobooks while you enjoy your massage. Only needs 5″ of wall clearance You will only need 5″ of wall clearance for the Osaki Maestro, as it has a space-saving design where it hugs the wall when you recline. As the Maestro reclines, the chair will slide forward conserving space.